FAQ Page

FAQ Page

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Burien, Normandy Park, North Hill Des Moines.

As much as we love all pets, by keeping a specific local focus, we’re able to give the level of attention that we want to offer our clients. So, sorry Seattlites, it’s a firm “no.”

We tailor our visits to meet the individual needs of our fur families. While this does not include staying in your home, our visits will be consistent with your pets’ normal routine to ensure they are stress-free.

We love all animals, domestic and wild. We care for pets ranging from fish, amphibians, exotic birds, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, chickens, ducks, arachnids, insects, and many more. We are also happy to feed your local wildlife during our visits! We’re kind of known for being pretty popular with the local crows.

Yes. Pills, injections, subQ fluids.

Yes. We are able to assist you with a wide range of care. We care for pets with diabetes, blindness, ambulatory and spinal issues, special dietary needs, pre and post-operation support, and recovery.

We have a great track record with animals who may, at times, be a bit on the more spirited side. We will assess your needs and ensure our abilities are the right fit.

We do not discriminate against any breed. We believe all our clients’ pets are self-expressed individuals.