Memorials Page


Mya was a goofball who was always throwing curve balls. She also had quite a hunting prowess and a fearless spirit. The opossums, rabbits and a random rat made for her easy entertainment. What wasn’t easy was plying her with something more valuable than whatever recently acquired trophy became trapped in her mouth. Oh we had some FUN adventures! She had high functioning anxiety and was an absolute riot to care for. She would get distracted by water or anything reflective. I remember watching her stare at herself in a puddle for a good five minutes. I could barely tear her away! She also skipped on her walks, nothing exaggerated, just a little random SKIP! to bring a little flair to her walk. That was Mya’s style she had that flair on rainy days, these skipping walks would often be suddenly interrupted so Mya could snatch up a random earthworm. But, my favorite and most endearing thing about this sweet baby girl is how she took a different lovey on each walk. While her monkey and pink pig were favorites, she would carefully select one each day and dutifully carry the chosen lovey her entire walk. Occasionally, a lucky lovey might get chosen two days in a row! In the summer months, lovey in tow, she would pant , but she remained diligent in her responsibility to that lovey. I found that to be an endearing paradox to her murderous alter ego Mya was undoubtedly one of a kind. She joins brother Walter and sister Blue over the Rainbow Bridge and leaves behind Jasper, Ingrid and Reegan. Her unique presence and goofy spirit is greatly missed but our years together will always bring a smile to my heart.